• United States Army Cavalry Scout
  • Army Accommodation Medal
  • Army Good Conduct Medal for outstanding service
  • Afghan Campaign Medal
  • Korea Defense Service Medal
  • First Aid Certified

Training Philosophy:
My training philosophy has a major focus on conditioning and athletic training. Training for strength and explosiveness, with a constant focus on stamina and endurance, is how I can help you shed the excess pounds and bring out your inner athlete.

Approach to Nutrition:
My advice is very simple. Eat double portions of protein and veggies twice a day, carb intake depends on your goals and my goals for you as your coach, minimize sugar intake. I will never complicate your day to day lifestyle but I will always guide you to simpler choices and habits that allow us to get to the goal.

I played sports in high school, but my true health and fitness journey started right after graduation. Growing up the rebel child, resulted in my natural gravitation towards the military versus college. I weighed 119lbs in 2011 as a 19 year old and I knew that needed to change before shipping out to basic training. From July 2011 to January 2012 I trained everyday with my brother, Collin, and we learned a lot about each other's strengths and weaknesses. After conducting the first diagnostic PT test at basic training, I placed 1st out of 100+ men. Only then my obsession for health and wellness really blossomed. My second deployment came to be the most defining time in my personal fitness. From 19 years old to 23 years old i went from 119lbs. to 175lbs. I studied day and night the ins and outs of human physiology, metabolic and diet manipulation, supplement dos and don'ts, and was in constant cross reference with Collin during his collegiate studies. The most unique characteristic my clients absorb from me, is my undying will to push them past their own boundaries, if you can handle it. As your trainer, my number one priority is for you to know deep within, no matter the obstacle, are capable of even much more than what I ask of you.



  • Associate in Applied Science at Spencerian College
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Precision Nutrition Coach

Training Philosophy:
My training philosophy is a mix of bodybuilding/ and athletic conditioning. It's one thing to build a body that looks great, but it's another if you can build one that can perform even better.

Approach to Nutrition:
One of my first priorities working with people is to break mental barriers with their eating habits. Good nutrition is having the freedom of choice, that's sustainable for long- term while helping us look, feel and perform at our best.

I started my fitness journey in my grandparent's basement with a pair of dumbbells at 13 years old. Having worked with all kinds of people, it's my obligation to educate my clients through every step of their journey, no matter where they start. I've seen people struggle with obesity, self-doubt, physical limitations, loss of a family member and much more, but I make it a priority to reassure them that anything is possible through hard work and consistency.