Get Ready to Change Your L1FE

Each one of you have a different story to tell. Each and every one of us come to a point that requires sacrifice and hard work to turn our lives around, because we all deserve a L1FE worth living. Although, in order for you to experience real transformation, you need to accept that you need help. We started One Body for the same reason you seek out help from those you love and trust; inspired to be better than you were yesterday.

At the end of the day, you're not just trying to change what everyone sees on the outside. This is so much more than that. The dedication to your training should mean so much more than just doing a couple of sets & reps. We're trying to help you create a better version of yourself inside AND out. Each day, we're faced with a lot of resistance, negativity, and plenty of daily obstacles. What do we have in our lives that's positive that we actually have full control of? Working on ourselves.

You are capable of pushing yourself so much further than what you realize, but more than likely, you've never had the support and the environment to reach your full potential. We understand that when starting for the first time, or even starting over, it can be beyond overwhelming. We want you to always maintain a mindset, that you WILL get better each and every day. Your goal might outlast your patience, but it will always be worth it if you stay consistent. Just imagine where you could be by moving forward today and working hard 6+ months from now.

What To Expect

One Body Personal Trainers have been trained extensively for weight loss transformations, lifestyle change, muscle toning, getting strong, improved sports performance and chronic pain management. We have a proven system that allows us to provide a solution for your overall health and fitness needs. Upon arrival, you will receive the following:

Get Ready For a Life-Changing Transformation

Firstly, one of three owners will provide you with a Health History Questionnaire to assess your current work-life balance and fitness goals. Our mission is to build a strategy together as a team to have the greatest success with you. We will also provide a full body assessment including; posture, endurance, strength, balance, mobility, core stability, flexibility, weight, body fat and circumference measurements & trial workout to fully understand where you're starting at.

We Treat Our Members Like Family

Once you're a member, you'll gain full access to the training facility to work with your coach during your scheduled sessions and off day workouts (open-gym hours apply), Facebook community and access to a massage therapist. Your membership will also include our golden goose; the One Body Solutions App. Our custom app is a private, members only feature, that houses all of meal plans, grocery list, exercise library and workout videos that are customized to you specifically.