Go Big or Go Home

Personal training helps you reinvent yourself in Louisville, KY

One Body Solutions provides the personal training you need to get in shape. When you sign up for our flex package, you'll get the motivation and resources you've been wanting.

The flex package features all the best parts of our standard and gold packages-and more! You'll get:

  • $25 for a Fitbit
  • 3 personal training sessions per week
  • Advanced diet strategies

Call 502-644-5666 now to sign up for personal training in Louisville, KY.

Think ahead with our diet planning strategies

Our flex package comes with top-notch diet planning tips that help you keep track of carbs and calories. Eating delicious, nutritious food gives you the energy you need when exercising. You can create a cycle of wellness by eating healthy and acting healthy.

You don't have to eat "rabbit food" to be healthy. You'll get to enjoy tasty meals that fit your diet plan. Our recipes and meal prep ideas will leave you satisfied so you don't have to listen to your stomach growling.

Contact us today to learn more about diet planning in Louisville, KY.