Accountability Coach


We understand that getting started is difficult for everyone. However, it is our obligation as your coach to lead you to success. We believe that a life worth living starts with the body, so let's make it your best.

Leading You to Success

By creating an effective workout plan and meal plan, we're able to provide a one of a kind experience with our custom health and fitness app. Only our members gain access to the One Body App which allows them to have constant support from their coach at the touch of a button. As an OBS member, you'll have the freedom to speak with your coach inside and outside the gym; no more waiting till the next appointment. Every member at OBS has 24/7 access to their Personal Trainer to ensure success so that you'll stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Daily Tasks


Things To Do Today

At the beginning of each day, both you and your coach are notified of what needs to be completed for the day. We believe habits build success, so if you complete each task, you've already won the day. You daily nutrition goal is the first thing displayed on your profile because you cannot outwork a bad diet. Although, if you fail to complete your task for the day, your coach is notified every morning for your daily follow to keep you accountable.

My Progress

Rather than looking at the scale for tracking progress, we measure everything. Your Fitness Coach will take you through a monthly, body- composition test to go over weight, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, posture and mobility. All of this information is kept privately in your account where the only person who can see it is you.

Scheduled Calendar



If you're going to reach a fitness goal, you need more volume. Each workout you complete will notify your coach so they can continue tracking your improvement with your overall performance. We understand that life happens and you might miss a few days of exercise, which is why installed an alert system for your coach to follow up with you if you start falling behind.


Recovery is very important to achieve your fitness goals and weight loss goals. Not only will you be provided a custom workout plan, the OBS APP contains beginner-friendly stretches and mobility exercises. Doing these short sessions on the weekends, made by your coach will increase your recovery time and get you back to normal in no time.


We all know the saying "you can't outwork a bad diet." It's the truth. Your OBS App was built to connect with MyFitnessPal, the largest food-tracking app in the world, so that you and your coach can monitor your calories and fluid intake. Just like your workouts, we installed an alert system for your coach to follow up with you in case you need help getting back on track. 

Custom Workout Plan


Step-by-Step Instructions

If you're a beginner or an experienced lifter, every movement comes with video instructions to learn proper form. It's crucial to learn proper form to reduce the risk of injury, increase performance and fix mechanical errors you might have. Your exercises are a mix of compound exercises and isolation exercises to maximize your workout potential.


Every workout is stored and saved into your video library so that you can repeat a workout if you'd like. However, your workout plan will constantly be updated by your coach based off your progress and compliance.