Personal Training in Louisville, KY



My training philosophy is a combination of building muscle and athletic conditioning. After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve found that using this system can build a strong body that can perform even better. It’s my obligation as a fitness coach to educate my clients through every step of their journey, no matter where they start. I’ve seen people struggle with obesity, self-doubt, physical limitations, loss of a family member and much more. I make it a top priority to reassure anyone that anything is possible through hard work and consistency.



My training philosophy has a major focus on conditioning and athletic training. During our training sessions, I work on strength and explosiveness, with a constant focus on stamina and endurance. With years of experience, I can help you shed the excess pounds and bring out your inner athlete. As your fitness coach and accountability coach, my number one priority is for you to know deep within, no matter the obstacle, are capable of even much more than what I ask of you.



My approach to training is focused around building a foundation of strength and structural integrity. I understand not everyone wants to train like an athlete, but whether you’re lifting 10 lbs. or 400 lbs., we are all capable of getting stronger. If you’re just starting out, you need that accountability to slowly work from the ground up to build a foundation. As a fitness coach, fixing mechanical errors always ensures safety and quality of movement. Each person that I work with will focus on increasing strength through body weight movements before the weight increases. I know quality is far more important than quantity. Lifting weights is shown to build better bone density, boost metabolism, and improve your quality of sleep.