Josh Kendall

8-10 week transformation! Josh added 12 lbs. of muscle! This is what happens when you put in immense focus. If you're going through rough times and put in the focus, this is an example of what can happen for you.

Candice Williams

Month 1 vs Month 11> -105lbs

What amazing journey it's been for her. Through thick and thin, she's exceeded her long term goal and has never been more confident and happy then she is now. We couldn't be more proud!!!

Brittany Matthers

Another reason why One Body Solutions is different. We are committed to helping anyone regardless of their hectic work-life routine. This amazing woman that we worked with, who is a mom of two and runs a small business with her family, dropped over 30 lbs!

Daniel Burns

Day 1/ Month 3/ Month 6>> at 50+ years old. These results are incredible. We're telling you, age is just a number. The only limitation that you have on yourself as you age when it comes to getting in the best shape possible is your mind. If you tell yourself you can't, then can't. Enough with "I can't" and start shouting out I CAN!!

Lakisha Stephens

One of the best transformations we've had in such a short amount of time. Lakisha came to us after losing 20 lbs on her own, which she did incredibly. She worked really hard for her results, but like all of us, she hit a plateau and felt stuck; so she asked for help. After 12 weeks of hard work, modifying her meal plan and pushing hard in the gym, she was able to reach her goal. She's definitely no stranger to hard work either. She's a full- time, overnight pharmacist who loves to travel. She's not living a yo-yo dieting, strict life... she's living her L1FE freely and healthy.

Erika Ganong

When I took my first steps into truly getting fit I met Collin Kendall and his brother Josh; I have now competed in three bodybuilding physique shows and there is no way I could of done it without the help of these trainers! One Body Solutions is not just another Personal Training Studio, its truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Its completely based from an app, the clients have 24hr access their trainers and their workouts (also on the One Body app). If your looking for a one of a kind, personal fitness experience contact One Body Solutions and get the answers you've been looking for, you won't be sorry!


Another AMAZING transformation with our client Mike. We're very proud of you and want to thank you for putting your trust in us with your health and fitness goals. For any man out there who is 50+ years old, Mike is a perfect example of what's possible with consistency and effort. Age is just a number my friend!

Gary Blick

We're very proud of Gary Blick for putting in the time and effort to reach this goal. This is just the start of his journey and we cannot wait for the next phase to begin!

Hannah Burns

Another amazing transformation we had to share from a previous client. This girl was one of the most exceptional clients we've worked with yet, not just because of her tenacity, but because of her story. As a coach, you develop these relationships that humble you and expose you to the good/bad that happens to people. The fact that this girl was willing to show all of those out there who put her down in the beginning that she was capable of so much more made us emotional some times behind closed doors. One Body Solutions is not just a gym-it's family!

Alex Turner

Alex is down 57 lbs and gained several pounds of muscle through strength training and minimal cardio. Incredible what happens when you stick to the plan!

Khiry Shemar

We're so proud of Khiry Shemar for all the hard work he's put into his game & his fitness this past year. After a lot of hard work in the gym, traveling across the country testing his skills in high level basketball leagues, we are pleased announced it was all worth it! He earned a D1 basketball scholarship with Hampton University and dropped 40 pounds after he started with us.